Minh Du company invests in a new poultry breeding project applying 4.0 technologies

The provincial People's Committee has issued an investment approval for Minh Du poultry breed Co., Ltd. to invest in a project of raising, producing and exporting poultry meat and poultry breeds applying 4.0 technologies in Tho Tan Bac village, Nhon Tan commune, An Nhơn town.

According to the project’s document, the project is built on an area of about 800,000 m2, with total capital of VND 537 billion. The investment in building a modern farm for producing and exporting poultry meat and breeds to meet the demand nationwide and of a number of countries in Asia and Europe, and to building linkage chains of chicken production and consumption.

The project aims to produce: A total number of 1-day-old chicken breeds annually produced is 32.4 million/year, of which broodstock chickens are 2.7 million/year and commercial chicken breeds are 29.7 million/year. Also, about 5,760,000 chickens are slaughtered every year to produce about 8,640 tons of chicken.

The project uses advanced technology at all stages of the production and a synchronous system of equipment and devices of European standards are imported.

The project is expected to go into operation in the second quarter of 2024. The project will not only create jobs for about 540 local workers but also create a breakthrough in research, application of new technologies, especially  in opening a new direction in the consumption of chicken breeds and chicken to markets in Asian countries and some European countries.

Minh Du poultry breed Co., Ltd is an enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with new technological advances of 3 hybrid combinations of domestic chickens Minh Du Binh Dinh (MD1.BĐ, MD2. BD, MD3.BĐ) and is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology of Binh Dinh as a science and technology enterprise.